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The Land of Enchantment
click to go to next pageNew Mexico is called The Land of Enchantment for a reason. The light, the land, the people and the food enchant everyone who visits here. New Mexico is small in population, large in area and huge in heart. The very names of New Mexico evoke strong images. Mountains called Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) and rivers named Rio Grande and Pecos come to life. Other New Mexico names are part of our American folklore: Ghost Ranch, Georgia O’Keeffe, Los Alamos, Billy the Kid, Roswell, Carlsbad Caverns, Taos, Truth or Consequences, Route 66, White Sands, Santa Fe Trail, Chaco Canyon, Albuquerque Isotopes, Adobe, Balloon Fiesta, Alamogordo, Anasazi, Geronimo, Red and Green Chile, Chimayo, D.H. Lawrence, Navajo, Kit Carson, Zia and Zuni Pueblos. The area between Santa Fe and Taos is the most popular tourist destination in the state.

History, Culture & Spirit
New Mexico began as a tropical ocean. When the ocean dried up the dinosaurs lived here. Millions of years later Man appeared. The ancestors of the present Pueblo Indians were the Anasazi. Their sites can be visited at Bandelier and Puye (close by) and Chaco Canyon (2 hrs). In the 1500’s the Spaniards came up the Rio Grande Valley, conquered the Pueblos and started their own settlements in Espanola, Santa Fe and other parts. Among these settlers were “hidden Jews” fleeing the Inquisition in Europe. In August of 1680 The Pueblo Revolt began. The Indians drove out the Spanish settlers from northern New Mexico. Twelve years later the Spaniards reconquered Santa Fe and New Mexico. New Mexico became part of the independent nation of Mexico until August 1846 when, during the Mexican-American War, American troops marched into Santa Fe. New Mexico became a state in 1912, the only bi-lingual one in the union. New Mexicans are proud of their tri-cultural heritage- Indian, Hispanic and Anglo. In the 1940’s the atomic bomb was developed at Los Alamos. It was first tested at Alamogordo. In the 1960’s the “hippies” came to northern New Mexico and settled communes. In the 1970’s they evolved into a New Age movement. Lama Foundation, 3HO and other holistic and spiritual organizations, clinics and communities are still here. New Mexico has always been a sacred land for the people here. There are many spiritual and pilgrimage sites of all denominations. The most famous is the Santuario de Chimayo. Every Easter thousands of pilgrims walk to this humble church from all over the southwest.

Art & Cultural Events
Another kind of pilgrimage happens each year in northern New Mexico-a pilgrimage to the arts. Each summer many come to enjoy the open air Santa Fe Opera. In July/August, around the Santa Fe Plaza, there is Spanish Market and Indian Market, one of the biggest art and crafts events in the world. In the fall, small towns in northern New Mexico have weekly artist studio tours. Northern New Mexico is the second largest art market in the USA after New York. The nearby Flea Market is another good place to find crafts and gifts.

On certain feast days the pueblos are open to the public. There are dances, food, and crafts. Many of these pueblos are in the Espanola Valley.

New Mexico is a recreational playground. Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking on the Rio Grande and Chama Rivers are only 30 minutes from our properties. Hiking, Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding and Rock Climbing can be done in the Sangre de Cristo or Jemez Mountains or down in the Rio Grande Valley.

Downhill Ski season is from Thanksgiving to Easter. Most ski resorts are within an hour drive of our properties. These include Santa Fe, Pajarito, Taos, Sipapu, Red River and Angel Fire. There is also cross-country skiing, ice-skating and snowshoeing.

World class Fly Fishing is nearby in the streams and rivers of the area. There is also lake fishing.
Golf Courses are a recent addition to the area but their numbers are increasing quickly. They include Black Mesa, Towa (36 holes), Los Alamos, and Santa Fe just minutes away.

Hot Springs

New Mexico is a land of geological change. There are extinct volcanoes and active hot springs. Most of the hot springs are in the wild, open to all for the price of an exhilarating hike. Many are in the mountains and some are right on the Rio Grande where you can plunge into the cold water. There are also commercial spas such as Ojo Caliente, Jemez Springs and Pagosa Springs. Wherever you go the hot springs of northern New Mexico are a treat.

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When you think of New Mexico food you think of hot chile peppers. It is the state obsession. Chile here is not the Texas chili powder; it is the fresh pepper, which comes in red or green. If you want both together ask for “Christmas.” Chile goes on everything from burritos and enchiladas to stuffed sopaipillas. New Mexican food is a combination of Indian and Spanish food and is similar to Mexican food but different. It doesn’t have to be spicy but often is. The Espanola Valley is the heart of this cuisine and every fall you can smell green chile being roasted. Santa Fe has over 200 restaurants of every kind. Many like Coyote Café serve nouveau southwestern cuisine.


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